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“MREC Entertainment is an independent digital music distribution & a Record Label company in Sri Lanka founded in 2020. We provide a variety of services to artists & We don’t mind if you’re a starter or a professional artist; we treat every artist the same. we are proudly spreading the love with our family.”

I would first like to express my gratitude for your interest in MREC Entertainment and for reading this letter.
Like the rest of our team, I consider it an enormous privilege to be able to serve as a manager, songwriter, record label, or other creative professional wherever in the world. We take this obligation very seriously.
In an effort to avoid boring you, I’ll attempt to keep this short.

Here are my opinions and responses when people inquire about what sets MREC Entertainment apart from other distributors:


First and foremost, we are completely self-sufficient. 

We are not owned by a major record label. We are not the so-called “independent” arm of a large firm. That means we can cooperate with anybody we want. It also means that we can challenge the existing old order.


Our proprietary system was designed with indie labels, managers, and artists in mind.


MREC Entertainment provides a purpose-built content management and distribution system designed exclusively for the needs of independent labels, managers, and artists. We’ve even teamed with some of the world’s largest companies to bring you these special features.

MREC Entertainment serves clients from all around the world. We want every artist to work with us, and we will welcome you all with open arms. MREC is all about people, not skills or money. We want to see excellent things in you, and that is all.

About Us


We'll be honest with you.

It is difficult to “make it” in music. I’m familiar of this because I founded MREC Entertainment in 2020 to distribute my own releases. We’ve helped several clients establish traction, break through, and even become superstars throughout the years… But don’t expect us to tell you it’s simple. As it turns out, money is not the answer to every musical problem. If there’s something you should do differently or think about, we’ll tell you and assist you generate better outcomes with our resources, staff, network, and experience. We will not deceive you.


We will never leave you exposed to rain or harsh sunlight, but we will serve as your umbrella, covering you and protecting you everywhere you go.

Getting started is easy.
Getting sustained needs loyalty & hardworking

MREC will always:

Constantly be aware of its obligations. We have been entrusted with the art, thus it is crucial that we always put forth our best effort to make sure that as many people as possible around the world hear and see the art.
Never make promises we can’t keep. All we can assure you is that we will put in our best effort on your behalf each and every day.
Make a lot of effort to endure. We don’t want to establish a company just to be large; rather, we want to build a company that can reinvent, reorganize, and reinvest to give you a better experience as we move forward.
Recruiting and assembling the greatest team possible. You deserve it! To make sure that you are supported by a genuinely fantastic team and that they have the resources to help you be successful, we will work hard to make sure that we are hiring and taking care of the best music industry executives and managers.

Although it is sometimes a lot of fun, that isn’t why we’re doing it. In order for us to help you grow and reach new heights, we must first produce the desired outcomes.
Be judicious. Although some of you might be put off by this, we want to make sure that we can work with the artists, labels, and managers who we feel we can really help, who are talented, and who are committed to doing what it takes to succeed in this market. We want to work with people who are committed to doing things correctly and who are prepared to put in the effort.
Distribute and market the best music you can. We will be here to distribute and sell the best and most quality driven music there is, whether it be Pop, Hip Hop, Latin, Electronic, Country, Jazz, or anything else that is distinctive and fascinating.
Continue to put money into developing amazing technology. We want to be as open, simple, and individualized with you as we can. We’ll work to get you what you need if we can’t build it today.

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Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and special gratitude to our friends, fans, clients, and partners. The team is always expanding, and we will continue to create and improve our one-of-a-kind and strong solution for our clients. Stay tuned, because this ride isn’t going anywhere!


Mahiru Senarathne
Founder & CEO
MREC Entertainment (Distribution)